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Hello! My name is Bunny Reiss and I’m the master bear-maker of this website.


Bunny and some of her friends.

I started making bears in 1995. My plan was to learn how to make them so I wouldn’t buy as many. My plan didn’t work …

My first bear class was at The Bear Factory in St. Charles, Missouri. Rhonda Dyer was the instructor and there were about 5 of us in the class. We had a blast! I made some life-long friends and learned a lot. I took many classes over the next few years – at shows all over the midwest. I love learning new techniques.

I have developed my own style (everyone says all my bears look like my dog, Schnuedel – and they may have a point!). I like to experiment with new things, like needle felting and open mouths. There’s so much to learn!I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery of bears. If there is an Adoptable bear that you’re interested in, email me to discuss availability (sometimes they sell before I can get the designation changed), pricing and shipping. Come back again soon!


And these are my fuzzy puppy assistants!


Bam Bam.

a/k/a The Shopper

He steals whatever he can reach and tries to eat it. Or he takes it outside to play with.


a/k/a Security

She is in charge of keeping the neighbors in line thereby keeping us safe in our home. Not that the neighbors have ever done anything to warrant this surveillance – but just in case!


a/k/a The Boss

Unfortunately, he is the only one who thinks he owns this title. But he is very vocal about it!

This is the article about us (Baerietales) that appeared in Teddy Bear Times and Friends.

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