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Hello! My name is Bunny Reiss and I’m the master bear-maker of this website.


Bunny and some of her friends.

I started making bears in 1995. My plan was to learn how to make them so I wouldn’t buy as many. My plan didn’t work …

My first bear class was at The Bear Factory in St. Charles, Missouri. Rhonda Dyer was the instructor and there were about 5 of us in the class. We had a blast! I made some life-long friends and learned a lot. I took many classes over the next few years – at shows all over the midwest. I love learning new techniques.

I have developed my own style (everyone says all my bears look like my dog, Schnuedel – and they may have a point!). I like to experiment with new things, like needle felting and open mouths. There’s so much to learn!

Instead of keeping with the plan to make more bears than I bought, I found a whole world of bears out there – websites, shows, classes. I’m still collecting and I manage to get a bear made every once in a while. Everyone at the shows is so warm and welcoming – and I’ve made some great friends.

I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery of bears. If there is an Adoptable bear that you’re interested in, email me to discuss availability (sometimes they sell before I can get the designation changed), pricing and shipping. Come back again soon!