I've been making bears since 1995. I started taking classes at a local bear shop and then at the bear shows around the midwest. Rhonda and Jerry Dyer, former owners of the aforementioned bear shop, turned out to be great friends and mentors. I learned a lot from Rhonda and visiting bear artists, made lots of new bear friends and had a lot of fun. In each class, I've learned something new. I've also learned that "bear people" are my kind of people. Everyone I've met has been just wonderful!

I've made 3 inch tall bears and a 5 foot tall bear - and lots of sizes in between. Following are a few bears I'm offering for sale. If you see something here that strikes your fancy, drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you - even just to say "hello". Each bear is completely handmade and they are all limited to 25 bear editions, unless noted otherwise. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with each bear.

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Cubby is made of synthetic white "scruffy" fur. She is 12 inches tall and fully jointed with a wobble head.

Price. . . . . $75.00
Add $6.00 for shipping.


Blueberry Hilda is made of soft dark blue dense curly mohair with tapestry pawpads. She is 12 inches tall and fully jointed.

Price. . . . . $130.00
Add $6.00 for shipping.


Cassie is made of soft pink dense curly mohair. She is 12 inches tall and fully jointed. And she has a tiny bird perched on her paw!

Price. . . . . $130.00
Add $6.00 for shipping.


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